Bear sightings proceed with golf course look

Bear sightings have not settled around the capital region with the National Capital Commission’s count reaching 63 for the month.

The latest spotting was at the Champlain Golf Course on Aylmer Road this weekend.

An adult black bear was seen by golfers running around the course before ending up in a tree, where it stayed for two days.

An employee at the course says golfers continued their games – most excited by bear.

“They actually thought it was pretty cool, a lot of people were taking videos and pictures and it was probably the first spectator they’ve ever had for their golf game so they thought that was pretty neat,” said Darren McCartney, an employee at the course.

McCartney was told by wildlife the bear was smaller than most bears its age. Experts say the bear could have been pushed out of feeding territory by larger animals. 

NCC officers say the animals are coming into urban areas looking for food.

If you look around there’s a lot of apple trees around and that’s a lot of food for them, so they’re not dangerous, they’re just curious,” said Richard Moore with the NCC.

Additional information on bears in the capital region can be .