Businesses will become more agile


Traditional industry models will give way to new models of collaboration and businesses will become more agile with fluid organisational and workforce structures, an industry expert said.

Farid Al Sabbagh, vice-president and managing director of Fujitsu Middle East, said that organisations, in the future, will have transformed their core products and services and will also have rewritten the rule book on the structure upon which a successful corporation is built.

“Rigid managerial hierarchies and departments will be ripped up and replaced with collaborative networks of smaller teams,” he said.

A study by Fujitsu found that more than half expect their business to have a different form in five years’ time, while three quarters expect the industry in which they operate to fundamentally change.

He said that businesses will co-create as part of digital ecosystems, which will increasingly be based on cross-industry partnerships. The widespread use of open application programming interfaces (APIs) will open up core business applications to “external partners and enable service integration”.

Another key trend, he said will be global crowdsourcing driving a new era of scale.

“Online platforms that match employers with freelancers will become the primary channel for recruitment. Once again, this will require a truly flexible technology backbone that enables workers to be rapidly on-boarded into the organisation as well as a relevant security strategy,” he said.