Case against Nauru 19 given permanent stay

Nineteen Nauruans accused over anti-government protests three years ago have had their case dropped.

Crowds gather in Nauru Photo: supplied/ Shane Bazzi

The group, which includes several former MPs and a former Nauruan president, had sought a permanent stay on charges relating to a protest outside parliament in June 2015.

The group, dubbed the Nauru 19, had been facing various charges including rioting, disturbing the legislature and entering a restricted area.

Two of former MPs, Squire Jeremiah and Mathew Batsiua after the decision Photo: supplied

In June they sought a permanent stay on the charges, contending the trial process had dragged on too long and the Nauru government had not met a court directed order to pay some of the expenses of the group‘s Australian lawyers.

Australian judge, Justice Geoffrey Muecke, who was brought in by the Nauru government to hear the case, has granted a permanent stay.

It means the long running trial ordeal is now over although the Republic of Nauru may still appeal.