Celebrating Independence with a festive concert

A festive evening concert honoring Israel‘s 70‘th Day of Independence will be held by the Ronen Foundation this May 14‘th in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.   

Held in collaboration with The Ambassador’s Club of Israel, the concert will feature Israeli musicians offering their own interpretations of Israeli classics. All proceeds will be devoted to scholarships for young musicians.

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The Ronen Foundation, which was founded by Yaffa Israeli in memory of her son, Ronen, has been nurturing hundreds of young musicians for 25 years.

Dozens of ambassadors and diplomats from various countries confirmed their attendance in the concert, among them the ambassadors of Bulgaria (currently presiding as president of the European Union), Greece, Sweden, Lithuania, Costa Rica and more.

Other noted guests include Miri Shafir-Navon, widow of late president Yitzhak Navon, Irona Taic, one of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel owners and the Keiser family.