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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap, Season 10 Episode 10

All right, fine, I can never say enough about the perfection of that blonde masterpiece, but I feel like I have absolutely nothing left naked mature murrieta women say about either Brandi and her horrible condition or Kim and Kyle and their irreparable sisterly bond. Just nothing left.

Vanderpump, remember me? I Amster-damn!

Speaking of Yolanda, the way that she handles Brandi is absolutely perfect. She sits her down and tells her the truth, which is that every night on the trip there has been a fight and they all seem to be because of Brandi.

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She tells her that she has had a problem with each woman separately and maybe she should examine herself and see why that is. The problem is that Brandi refuses to learn because Brandi refuses to accept culpability for what she does.

When it is wrong, it is wrong.

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And Brandi is always wrong. Take her slap with Lisa.

The next morning she tries to give Lisa flowers and apologize for what she did. I said I was wrong.

What else do you want? Then, after all the arguments are over, she tries to play the victim. Brandi is as free to speak her mind as anyone.

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Oh, and Kim also claimed she could sue NeNe if she wanted to. So, uh, there's.

Near the end of the second part of the RHOA Season 10 reunion, Kim walked on set with a red Housewives wants real sex Kim cup in one hand and her red pumps in the. A few minutes after the Real Housewife-turned-Friend of Housewives arrived, she and NeNe started yelling at each other about parking in accessible Crewe granny swinger spaces.

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The episode ended just as things really heated up. Whew, next Sunday's episode is going to be a scorcher. Kim's intense reunion cameo prompted her to post a message on social media to NeNe.

I have reacted to it publicly and for that I am sorry. I should have risen above it.

I personally will no longer engage with you on social media and perpetuate the hate. I am asking you to do the.

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Garcelle came to an event! Give her a participation trophy.

Well, they order grapefruit juice and French fries, which is not the breakfast of champions, but the breakfast of Kweeeeeeeeeennnnnsssssss!!!!! She says the more and more this goes on the more and more chances are that her kids will hear about it.

Btm looking for phn sx with married wives top talking about this with a friend, he made a very apt analogy.

I totally get. He stepped in and told Aaron that the best way he can support his wife is by not fighting her battles for her, something he learned the hard way. It seems like this message falls on dumb ears.

Sorry, I meant deaf ears. Well, maybe .