Hurricane Helene ‘will not be a repeat of Ophelia‘ – says weather expert

A leading weather expert has reassured people that an oncoming Atlantic hurricane “will not be a repeat of Ophelia”.

Professor John Sweeney of the NUI Maynooth said he studied the hurricane this morning.

Speaking to RTE Radio One‘s News at One, Professor Sweeney said people “can rest assured” the oncoming weather will not be as extreme the October 2017 hurricane.

“There is another hurricane in the Atlantic, Hurricane Helene. It formed close to the Azores,” Professor Sweeney said.

“The trajectory is almost identical to Ophelia, but you can rest assured, the expectation is this hurricane will weaken.

“It will get caught up in jet streams and low pressure streams, it will probably reach us in the form of heavy rainfall, maybe gales.

“But it will be no repeat of Ophelia,” he added.

The professor was responding to weather reports that the hurricane was on “collision course for Ireland and the UK.

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