Jewish attorney in NYC comes under fire after ‘racist’ outburst goes viral

NEW YORK – A Jewish attorney in New York City came under fire on Thursday after video showing the lawyer berating two Spanish-speaking individuals inside a Manhattan restaurant went viral.

The clip shows Aaron Schlossberg scolding two employees of a New York deli on Wednesday for communicating in Spanish during a lunch hour rush at the Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave.

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"Your staff are speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English," Schlossberg says as a another customer records the confrontation.

As the the 42-year-old makes his way out of the store, he can be seen angrily issuing a threat to call US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on the workers.

"And my guess is they‘re not documented," Schlossberg said to an employee, who appeared to be a manager. "So my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country."

“I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here, the least they could do is speak English,” he adds.

Following the outburst, Schlossberg’s firm, which practices commercial and insurance law, was bombarded with one-star reviews on Yelp, with commenters calling him a "vile racist."

Yelp later said that it will work to "remove both positive and negative posts” on the site because they appear “to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer‘s personal consumer experience with the business."

The New York Daily News reported on Thursday that security personnel barred Schlossberg from his Midtown offices with a guard inside the building telling the publication, "If he comes here, we‘re going to kick him out."

Schlossberg later called the Daily News report “false.”

The incident gained so much traction that New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio took to Twitter to condemn Schlossberg for his outburst, writing: “New York City‘s diversity is our strength.”

“It‘s what makes this city great. The 8.6 million people who call this city home speak more than 200 languages – they’re all New Yorkers and they’re all welcome here,” he added.

This wasn’t the first time Schlossberg has been publicly outed for spewing racial invective against someone in the city.

In October 2016, Schlossberg was filmed in Manhattan calling a man “an ugly f—king foreigner.”

The video shows Schlossberg approaching Willie Morris, a Massachusetts native, and asks, “What country are you from? I’m going to call the police. You don’t just run into people. I’m a citizen here, you’re not.”

Schlossberg was also filmed last year outside Trump tower wearing a “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap and waving an American flag during a pro-Donald Trump demonstration designed to counter protesters rallying against the President.

The video shows Schlossberg arguing with a man appears to be an immigrant from the Netherlands, according to Vice News.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” Schlossberg says during a heated exchange with the man. “You should just say ‘Thank you for letting me in your motherf******g country.’”

“You care about America because you need America, so f**k you,” he continued. “You’re g*****n welcome for letting you in here. You’re welcome.”