Kerem Shalom crossing set ablaze on Palestinian side by protesters

Scores of Palestinians are setting fire and destroying the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing. The law-breakers are damaging fuel and gas pipes that serve the people of Gaza, IDF spokesperson unit reports Friday evening.

"This is a cynical act which damages the wellbeing of the people of Gaza and the Humanitarian efforts carried out by Israel and other countries," the IDF spokesperson stated.  

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At the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing fires had been set and infrastructure damaged, reports Maariv reporter Tal Lev-Ram. 

"The Kerem Shalom riot is happening on the Palestine side of the crossing and includes causing damage to the infrastructure, I don‘t see the Palestinian Authority paying for the damages soon", wrote Lev-Ram.  

An Israeli official told JPost that, based on initial visual information, the office of the crossing management was looted and destroyed, the fuel tank which served the generator was set on fire and the petrol pumps suffered damage.  

Around 10,000 Palestinians are taking part in the Friday protests and violent clashes with the IDF are monitored in five locations across the Gaza strip. The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that the number of wounded protesters now stands at around 430 people. 

Palestinian news site Alrai reports IDF troops use loudspeakers to talk with the protesters warning them against attempting to damage the fence and saying: "It is Hamas that sent you here, you are only a boy, go study, go get a job, Hamas does not care about you."

Two IDF UAV‘s on a documentation mission of the violent clashes crashed, the case is being examined by the IDF.

Israeli security is responding to the violent protests by using crowd dispersal means and, when needed, opens fire while adhering to IDF procedures.

IDF prevented Palestinians from sabotaging the Gazan border security fence and infiltrating into Israel Friday evening.

IDF units, who monitor the area closely, arrived at these two locations and the infiltrators fell back.