Kevin Hart Shares Why He‘s Running the Chicago Marathon

Kevin Hart is running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for more than just a personal best.

The comedian posted a video on Instagram early Thursday of himself on Chicago‘s Lakefront Trail, presumably ahead of a training run, to share his reason for participating in the race. 

“I told you guys I put a purpose behind the run. In other words, there‘s a meaning, there‘s a definition, there‘s a reason,” Hart said, decked out in reflective running gear before sunrise.

“The reason behind this run is simply first and foremost personal greatness, personal achievement but also what I can bring awareness to, what I can raise money for,” he continued before shouting, “Education!” 

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“I told you I‘m into the new thing of sending kids to school. That‘s my new thing, my new hobby,” he said. Hart, along with charter school network KIPP and the United Negro College Fund, teamed up last month to attend historically black colleges and universities.

“I sent 18 kids to school so now the goal is to make that number more. That goal is to get that number to 40. After 40, 80, after 80, 150,” Hart said. 

“Your boy is about to do big things – and the big thing starts October 7 with the value and the purpose behind my run.”

“What‘s the purpose behind yours?” Hart asked, before yelling, “I‘m sending more kids to college! Let‘s get it.” 

Hart that he would be running the iconic Bank of America Chicago Marathon, with hopes of beating his time from last year‘s New York City Marathon.

Aside from celebrity faces and an elite showdown, thousands of runners from around the world will join together for this year‘s race, set to step off Oct. 7.

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