Mersey bridge fine for car carried on back of trailer

A woman has been handed a fine after her empty and broken car was carried across a toll bridge on a trailer.

Lisa Vagianos was fined £20 for a journey across the Mersey Gateway bridge that she did not make.

The 48-year-old, from Winsford in Cheshire, said despite toll operator Merseyflow admitting the mistake, she was told she must challenge the fine.

However, a spokesman for the company later apologised and confirmed the charge had been cancelled.

Ms Vagianos told the Local Democracy Reporter Service the company‘s “incompetence” was “ridiculous” and “frustrating”.


She added: “My husband owns a classic car restoration business in Widnes and he was carrying one of them over the bridge in August.”

“We‘ve never even driven it once, but it‘s registered in my name.”

Ms Vagianos said last month‘s ordeal exposed a flaw in the system and Merseyflow need to address it.

“The person on the phone told me it was a mistake, but there was no way for them to cancel it and that I would have to make a representation against the fine”, she said.

“It‘s unbelievable that there was no way for them to withdraw a fine.”

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“It‘s crazy that people who spend so much money to cross that bridge should have to take time out of their busy lives to remedy their [Merseyflow‘s] incompetence.”

Merseyflow has since the Mersey Gateway opened in October 2017.

Last week, a recording of a customer service agent snoring on the other end of the phone while a man tried to pay his toll emerged online.

A Merseyflow spokesman said: “After investigating, Merseyflow can confirm the PCN the customer received has now been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”