MK Oren: Hezbollah aggression will be seen as Lebanese declaration of war

Stating that the recent Lebanese elections erase the separation between the terrorist group and the state of Lebanon, MK Michael Oren [Kulano] claims that Israel should react to Hezbollah aggression by declaring war on it‘s hosting state.

"We must go on a diplomatic and legal preemptive strike," wrote  Oren in Maariv on Saturday, "should Hezbollah fire on Israel we need to threaten that we will declare war on Lebanon."

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Lamenting Israel failed to do so in 2006, Oren argues that "there can be no illusions, any war in the Twenty-First century, and especially a war between Israel and its‘ enemies, will end not just on the battle field but also in the international criminal court in The Hague ."

Therefor, argues Oren, "a public deceleration threatening [with] our intention to declare a legal and diplomatic state of "war" with Lebanon would be a vital element in our defense system."