Mum who spent £10k to look like a sex doll says she’s being bullied by other mums

A mum-of-two who spent £10,000 to look like a sex doll says she is getting bullied by other mums because of the way that she looks.

Cindy Moore, 32, from Salford, spent the staggering amount on herself after discovering her fiance was having an affair.

The 32-year-old had a breast enlargement, three lip fillers and hair extensions in an attempt to achieve her perfect look.

She also lost five stone and dropped from a size 24 to 12 after training seven days a week.

But Cindy has now spoken out about how she is treated, saying she is getting bullied by other mums at her children Lacey and Max’s school and online.

The mum, who appeared on Channel 5’s reality TV show 100% Hotter, which aired in February this year, told : ‘Since I lost the weight, I get dirty looks everyday when I’m picking my kids up, and I’ve just had enough.

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‘Apparently after the six-week holiday, my daughter said loads of her friend’s mums told them not to talk to her because of me.

‘I think my press appearances have made them get very jealous and the kids at school are telling my children they think I’m pretty and cool and saying I’m a celeb but that their mums can’t stand me, which is quite a sad thing considering they don’t know me.

‘That they’re being forced to not like someone just because of the way they look.’

Cindy, who was bullied when she was younger, said she’s been getting dirty looks ever since her transformation but it got worse last week after she shared a now-deleted Facebook post calling out the mums.

She said: ‘I’ve been called Pete Burns, tart, slag, ugly, fake, one of the mums even called me n***a, which I thought was disgusting, others threatened to beat me up or said things like “why don’t you cover your tits”. I feel like I’ve been lynched.

‘I would say out of the whole school, only about three mums say hello to me. Other mums just stare at me as soon as I arrive or pull faces.

‘They have no right to judge a person on their appearance. Hopefully that sort of behaviour doesn’t transcend down to the children.

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‘I teach my children that appearances can be deceiving. And you should never judge a book by its cover or bully someone because they are different or their opinions are different. That’s called bullying.’

In the Facebook post, which was taken down because of racist comments made about the mum, Cindy slammed the ‘people trash talking’ and said: ‘You can call me every name under the sun it isn’t gonna make me ugly or you beautiful, just saying’.

To follow it up, Cindy, who either wears gym wear or full glam to drop off her kids, decided to prove a point last Friday by showing up to school wearing denim hotpants and a ‘Haters gonna hate’ T shirt.

Speaking about the attention she gets because of her look, she told us: ‘Attention from people doesn’t bother me. I dress up for me! To feel good and confident and glamourous. I believe glamour is a weapon.

‘The sex doll persona has been created on social media because of my look. But I’m just a normal protective Mum who works hard for my children.

‘I’ve left them 10 days in their whole life due to TV work. Apart from that, I barely leave them. My family are very proud of my appearance and they know I’ve worked hard to look like this.’


She added: ‘I’m currently working on my abs so I’ll be a gym doll soon and maybe get some new 2000cc boobs as all this working out has made them shrink drastically.

‘I need some new lips fillers too but that’s it. People think I’ve had surgery to create my look but it’s only been a boob job and dissolvable lip fillers, it’s just my face and good genes.’

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