naQsh want ‘Kaka’ to be a youth anthem

Vancouver-based Indo-Pak boy band naQsh (that’s how they spell their name!) recently released a single titled Kaka, from their debut album Saptak. It’s a peppy track, composed and arranged in the pop-rock genre, and its video has been shot in Canada. It shows the boys in a funky, retro avatar.

The song, according to lead vocalist Daksh Kubba is tipped to become the youth’s anthem.

“There are so many international students here from Pakistan and India; we all know the feeling of staying away from home, missing our family, doing our own laundry… because we have been spoiled by our mothers. This [song] tells you about the college life as we go through it, the friends, the relationships, the breakups. Lyrically, it’s probably one of our best works yet,” he said.