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Team, Inc. (NYSE:TISI): Price Action in Focus

Watching some recent stock price activity for Team, Inc. (NYSE:TISI), we have seen shares trading near the $19.72 level. Investors have a wide range of tools at their disposal when undertaking stock research. Investors will often monitor the current stock price in relation to its 52-week high and low levels. […]

Technical Tracker: Following the Signals on Shares of Quinto Resources Inc (QIT.V)

Focusing on shares of Quinto Resources Inc (QIT.V), we have noted that the Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram line is currently below zero. Traders may be taking note of this level as a possible sell signal. Looking at the current landscape of the equity market, investors may be doing some bargain […]

Psychemedics (PMD): What are the Indicators Showing?

Checking in on shares of Psychemedics (PMD), we can see that the current opinion signal on the stock for today’s session  is 16% Sell. Looking back at the last month, the opinion signal reads 88% Sell. This is the combined signal for the previous month when applying a wide array of […]

Historical Stock Price Check: Iamgold Corporation (NYSE:IAG)

Monitoring recent stock price movement on shares of Iamgold Corporation (NYSE:IAG) we have recorded the stock price at $3.27. Investors may be intently tracking price activity on the stock over the next few sessions, and looking for any signs of a possible shift in momentum. Let’s focus in on some […]

JLT Mobile Computers AB (publ) (OM:JLT) Valuation According to Quant

In taking a look at some key indicators for JLT Mobile Computers AB (publ) (OM:JLT), we note that the current Book to Market value for the firm is at 0.470511. The Book to Market or BTM is calculated as Market Value (or Stock Price)/Book Value. Investors often look for shares […]

Shedding Some Light on the Quant Signals & Ratios For Atari SA (ENXTPA:ATA)

In trying to determine the current valuation of Atari SA (ENXTPA:ATA) shares, we note that the Book to Market ratio of the shares stands at 0.147314. It’s commonly accepted that a Book to Market ratio greater than one indicates that the shares might be undervalued.  The book to market ratio […]

Investor Focus: Spotting the Signals for Belden Inc (BDC)

Investors may be interested in following the opinion signal on shares of Belden Inc (BDC). For the current trading period, we can see that the opinion signal on the stock is 72% Sell. Heading back for the previous month, the opinion signal reads 72% Sell. This is the combined signal for the previous […]

Market Monitor: PPOH Line Below Zero for Global Water Reso (GWRS)

Following the technical signals for Global Water Reso (GWRS), we have recorded the Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram line below zero. Traders may be using a PPOH reading below zero as a sell indicator. The direction of stock market moves in the short-term are highly unpredictable. Many investors will be tempted […]

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE:FCX)’s 0.084496 Return on Assets in Focus & Quant Signal Update

Taking a look at some key metrics and ratios for Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (NYSE:FCX), we note that the ROA or Return on Assets stands at 0.084496. Return on Assets shows how many dollars of earnings result from each dollar of assets the company controls. Return on assets gives an indication of the capital […]

Indicator Wire: Ultimate Oscillator Climbs Above 60 for Spectra7 Microsystems Inc (SEV.TO)

The Ultimate Oscillator level is currently above 60 on shares of Spectra7 Microsystems Inc (SEV.TO). Active traders may be closely following the indicator to see if overbought conditions are present at current levels. Investors may be employing many various trading strategies when approaching the markets. Investors may be hoping for […]