Popup which only serves three course pudding menu opens in London

If you’re the kind of person who orders a dessert over a starter, you’ll be delighted to know a popup dedicated to your favourite part of a meal is opening in East London.

The Whisk Dessert Bar has already opened in Cambridge Heath, and will be open every day from now until 15 September, from 5pm to 10pm.

The chef for the popup is Simon Jenkins, who has created desserts for both Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay.

So, what you’ll be getting is some seriously good stuff.

But it’s only for those who can stomach lots of dessert. And we really do mean lots.

Guest can expect a three-course dessert tasting menu, which includes an amuse-bouche to start, made up of fresh pineapple soft serve ice cream, chili pineapple confit and spiced crumb.

The main dessert course is plum panna cotta, caramelised eggy bread, peach sorbet, avocado and white chocolate crémeux, Bolivian dark chocolate marquise or a celery sorbet.

Finally, a selection of petit four will be offered to end the meal, featuring milk chocolate and raspberry truffle, lychee pâte de fruit and an apricot and almond nougat.

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Oh and just to make it even better – all of the desserts can be served with dessert wines or tea.


The menu is priced at £14 per person – with 50% off today and tomorrow, 13 September. And don’t worry if you can’t make it this week, because it will re-open from 19 September to 22 September. Race you there.



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