Robin Talbot: Shape up or ship out is the bottom line on stock bulls

The Rose of Tralee is well behind us, the two All-Irelands are won and the Ploughing is only around the corner. So history tells us that, at this stage of year – even with the best possible conditions – not enough grass is going to be grown on this farm this season to make up for the shortfall.

While we‘ve had rain in recent weeks, and everywhere has greened up with good covers of grass, I find that it‘s very soft and the cows are actually motoring through it.

It‘s hard not to see them coming in fairly early because we will run out of grass.

It will be important for us to keep cows on a positive train of nutrition in the build-up to the breeding season, which begins on October 20, and onwards from then.

To further complicate the issue, we can‘t lose sight of the need to have a plan in place to start closing up fields from around October 10, in order to have an early bite next spring.

We still have 20 acres of silage to cut.

While its nice quality grass, there is not much bulk in it and its probably quite high in Nitrogen.

So we will make up our minds this week whether we will pit it or strip-graze it. Either way, it‘s less than ideal. That said, we are glad to have it.