Scott Linehan addresses Troy Aikman’s criticism and why he didn’t talk after the game

Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan was admittedly miffed after that featured a so-called revamped offense passing for under 200 yards for the seventh time in the last nine games and on-air criticism for a lack of creativity by on the FOX telecast.

immediately following the game.

And while he acknowledged being frustrated with the performance when he talked to the media Thursday, he initially tried to say he was deferring to the head coach Jason Garrett and owner Jerry Jones.

“No, this is the day I talk. I talk on Thursdays,” Linehan said. “The head coach and Mr. Jones talk after the game, players do. Part of it is you start having people talk after the game without having looked at the film and talk about whatever we’re going to do. I think that’s more of a philosophy than anything. Just like everybody else, wasn’t real fired up with how we performed and I wanted to look at the tape first to give you a real educated answer to a lot of the questions that are going to come.”

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What’s true is that Linehan has talked after games in the past and when pressed on Thursday, he acknowledged he wasn’t in a real good mood to talk following the disappointing performance against the Panthers.

Linehan was not in real good mood Thursday either, especially when he asked about criticism from Aikman, a Cowboys legend, who led the team to three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s. Aikman, now an NFL game analyst for FOX, openly said the offense lacked creativity.

”People have their own opinions,” said Linehan when asked about Aikman’s comment. “It’s hard to be super creative when you’re having loss-yardage plays, to be honest with you. But I thought we had some really good stuff for the game that we couldn’t use. But he’s entitled to whatever opinion he has about that. It’s our job to go out and show him that we have some stuff that maybe he’ll be impressed with.”

Linehan said he doesn’t mind the criticism. He has been in this business long enough he knows it comes with the territory, especially a woeful performance.

”Certainly if an offense doesn’t put up a lot of points there’s going to be criticism towards how we played,” Linehan said. “We accept that and take on the challenge that we’re going to go out and play much better the next game.”

They will get that opportunity Sunday against the New York Giants and if there isn’t a great deal of improvement, the criticism will only grow louder.

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