Self-portrait of John Lennon as Hitler sells for 54k

A has sold at auction for $54,000, according to a report by the website Page Six.

The black-and-white sketch is thought to have been drawn by the singer during his days at the Liverpool College of Art in the late 1950s. It depicts the singer standing behind a podium, right arm outstretched in a Nazi salute, with the words "Heil John" printed four times in the lower-right hand corner.

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This particular drawing isn‘t the only one in which Lennon depicted Nazi imagery. In an the Imperial Eagle of the Third Reich is shown perched above Lennon‘s initials, J.A.L.

The item was sold through the site Moments in Time, an organization that auctions off historical memorabilia.

Moments in Time president Gary Zimet told Page Six that "[Lennon] drew these when he was a college student, and the fact that he even thought of depicting himself as Hitler is weird."

In 2010, Moments in Time came under public scrutiny for putting an additional controversial Lennon item on sale – the "Double Fantasy" album, which the singer autographed for the man who ultimately murdered him, Mark David Chapman, a mere five hours prior to the assassination.