Sharjah rolls out new traffic monitor Rafid

Sharjah: Police have deployed a new service provider, Rafid, to attend to minor traffic accidents in Sharjah. This system will replace the existing Saaed service.

Rafid officers will start responding to motorists involved in minor accidents in the emirate from Wednesday.

Rafid is owned by the Sharjah government.

Details about response time and fees to attend the accidents were announced on Monday during a press conference attended by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Saud Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Finance Department and Chairman of Sharjah Asset Management, in addition to senior police officials and Rafid staff.

Salim Saeed Al Midfa, General Manager of Rafid , said the fees will be Dh400 if the officer goes to the accident site; if the person uses the Rafid application then that amount will reduced Dh50.

The fleet at the first stage consists of 50 vehicles and motorcycles and it will cover the entire emirate .

How would it work?

Motorists can download the Rafid app and send a picture of an accident, following which a traffic expert  would assess the accident and issue a report.

“The motorists using the app will not be required to wait for police patrols to report minor accidents,” he said.

“It will be an easy and simple way to report accidents. It will reduce processing time as motorists will receive the police report via email or SMS and they can present it to the insurance company,” he said.

The Rafid headquarters  is near Sharjah Road and Transport Department.
Fifteen people will  work in the operating room around the clock, in shifts. They will answer callers in Arabic, English and Urdu.

You can Rafid on 80072343 or 901 .