Sheba Medical Center’s specialists considered ‘best doctors in Israel’

If you are unfortunate enough to get sick, it seems the best place to get treatment is at Sheba Medical Center-Tel Hashomer in Ramat Gan.

According to a newly published 2018 Forbes Israel magazine “Best Doctors in Israel” list, a record-breaking 188 specialists from the hospital are considered leaders in their respective fields.

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Those nearly 200 specialists represent 40% of the doctors listed across more than 30 different categories in Forbes Israel, including orology, allergies and immunology, endocrinology, ear nose and throat, genetics, gynecology, surgery (heart and chest), fertility and childbirth, skin, optometry, internal medicine and obesity management.

It is the fifth time that Forbes Israel has printed its annual “Best Doctors in Israel” list and it is unique, in that not only did thousands of doctors take part in the survey, but to maintain objectivity they had to select peers from other medical institutions and in departments different from their own, for fear of skewing results. The 2018 results follow a similar pattern to the 2017 Forbes Israel list, in which a fifth of the 873 selected doctors called the Sheba Medical Center home. It is a testament to both the doctors and the institution that it is thought of so highly among others in the medical profession.

“We are extremely proud of our doctors and their accomplishments,” said Prof. Yitzhak Kreiss, director general of Sheba Medical Center, “as Sheba continues to offer the best medical care to both the citizens of Israel and patients who come to us from around the world.”