| Head of French golf major sceptical about Ryder Cup effect

Evian-les-Bains – The head of France‘s only golf major says hosting the Ryder Cup won‘t help his country produce a star player.

Asked at an eve-of-tournament news conference on Wednesday about a stellar month for French golf, Evian Championship chairperson Franck Riboud dismissed what the Ryder Cup could achieve when it‘s played September 28-30 near Paris.

The 12-man Europe team has no French players.

The former chief executive of Danone says the food giant did not sponsor the Ryder Cup because the event “is not building or helping to reach the objective” of developing talent.

Riboud says: “We need a (French) champion, that‘s all. So to do that we need a plan.”

He says the impact of Tiger Woods playing in France has less effect than finding an equally talented French champion.