The perfect match: Helping donors to fulfil charities‘ needs efficiently

GREECE • When the Greek recession reached its peak in 2011, it was clear that the crisis would have widespread social ramifications.

Desmos‘ five female co-founders started discussing the idea of connecting people with specific needs and those with specific goods to donate.

Founded in 2012, the non-profit organisation “wanted to make the donation process easier, more efficient and more impactful”, said Ms Ekavi Valleras, one of Desmos‘ co-founders. “We wanted to help charities to better document their needs, and to help companies and private individuals in their quest to donate where it‘s needed the most.”

Since then, Desmos has expanded rapidly, and it now supports close to 400 organisations in the Athens region. The nerve centre of its operations is a 140 sq m warehouse, where donations are stored and then delivered in the Desmos van.

Donations have included around 100 computers from the European Central Bank, bed sheets from hotels, a fully equipped dentist‘s office and even a rototiller, a machine with rotating blades for tilling the soil.

A key component of the organisation‘s effort to make charitable giving more efficient is the Desmos Direct online platform.

“I Care and Act” is a Desmos programme through which students across Greece learn about volunteerism and implement their own volunteer activities to impact positively the local communities. PHOTO: DESMOS

Non-profit organisations register their profiles and needs on the platform, and anyone interested in donating can look them up online.