This new-style mujra is the rage in Delhi

NEW DELHI: ‘In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaron hain.‘ This line would, no doubt, remind you of the evergreen seen in Bollywood movies.

In Delhi, these mujra dances have now become quite the rage – but all behind soundproof walls – when most in the Capital are asleep.

The perception is that Delhi does not have much of a nightlife. But, in realityl. there are several areas is Delhi where a secret nightlife is flourishing. In many posh areas, mujraa gatherings last till the wee hours of the night, where girls dance to the tune of filmy beats and songs, while their audience showers money on them, even as hukkas and liquor are in abundance for all to enjoy.

The entire scence resemble a film set. The walls are colourful with mirrors everywhere and the false ceiling is covering with beautiful jhoomars.

As the darkness of night increases, these places in Delhi become even more happening – among them is Rajendra place, and places in West Delhi and Karkarduma in the east.

The mujraa mehfils are very secretly organised. Outside the soundproof walls a guard sits. After a strict security check, once a signal is given via a camera, the restaurant gate opens for the customer and the person is allowed to enter. There is no entry fee.

This undercover reporter saw the wealthiest people inside, and the stage is set according to the demands and pockets of the customers.

The dancing girls sit in an enclosure and perform one at a time. No photography is allowed. Our reporter, however, managed to secretly click a few pictures.

Food and drinks are served on order through the night, unlike most places in the city where drinks order cannot be placed after 11pm. The rules inside are strict. Nobody is allowed to pass derogatory comment or touch the dancers. Bouncers are deployed to ensure they are safe.

Amandeep Singh

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