VIDEO: Captured terrorist exposes Hamas tactics on Gaza border

A Hamas terrorist who reached the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel explained how Hamas incites residents of the costal enclave into violent protests, in a video posted by the IDF on Wednesday.

The video, which blurs the operative‘s face, is taken in front of what appears to be one of the incendiary kites often launched toward Israeli territory during the protests and can be seen with swastikas drawn on it.

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In the video the terrorist, who was captured by security forces on May 15th, explained, "Hamas is the one that sends us Facebook and text messages telling us to go and in the mosques they call and send fliers that tell us to go to the fence."

"They control the Gaza Strip, and everything that happens there goes through them," the man explains.

"Hamas organizes these riots so that the people won‘t revolt. Hamas tell themselves, instead of having people revolt and turn against us, we‘ll send them to the fence and let them ‘revolt‘ there freely," he continued.

The man further explained that while Gaza has electricity, Hamas streams orders to go to the fence and riot, and while some do not go, Hamas organizes transportation for those that do. He also explained Hamas instructs women and children to move closest to the fence under the pretense that the IDF does not shoot women and children.

"They [Hamas] have established a committee that is responsible for the march, and for telling people to go," he said, but, "people wear out and get fed up, and I am one of these people," he concluded.

During protests on Monday and Tuesday, , but a on Wednesday 50 of those killed were members of the organization.