When is the best time to buy FIFA 19?

The 19 demo has launched today giving players their first experience of the latest version of the game.

It is also just two weeks until the full release of the game which includes updated squads, as well as a number of new features and game modes.

There is still time to pre-order a copy of the game but it seems that gamers who want to get the best deal might be better off waiting a couple of months before they get it.

, the price and product comparison service, has suggested that waiting two months will be the best option for those looking to get the game at a reduced cost.

Using their catalogue of price data they predict that the best time to buy FIFA 19 will likely be around 23rd November which will be when the Black Friday sales begin.

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Last year FIFA 18 dropped to as low as £36 on Black Friday and there is a chance that we could see something similar happening this year.

Olof Karp, country manager of UK & Ireland at PriceSpy said ‘For those that can wait, our historic pricing data indicates that Cyber Weekend is one of the best times to make a saving on the game.’

When is the FIFA 19 release date?

FIFA 19 will be available from Friday 28 September on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Origin).

Players who pre-order the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game will able to get 3 days early access.

Where to pre-order FIFA 19

The cost of the game will depend slightly depending on where you buy it, what version you get and which platform you are buying for.

FIFA 19 is currently being priced between £44 and £50 depending on where you look.

is currently selling the standard edition for £49.99 (£45.99 for Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360) and £69.99 for the Champions Edition.

is selling it for the same price of £49.99 and the same £69.99 for the Champions Edition.

The online retailer is also selling a FIFA 19 PS4 Pro 1TB Bundle for £399.99.

Currently one of the best offers is through , which is selling the Standard Edition of the game for £45.95.

If you want to buy a PC version of the game you can do this through the  which sells the game for its Origin service.

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The Standard Edition is currently £54.99 while the Champion Edition is £69.99 and the Ultimate Edition costs £79.99.

What are the different versions of FIFA 19?

There are three versions of FIFA 19 that fans can choose from if they’re looking to pre-order the game and they each come with various extra features.

The Standard Edition include up to five jumbo premium gold packs for ultimate team, as well as a Cristiano Ronaldo loan card and special edition FUT kits.

Gamers who pre-order the Champions Edition will also get 3 days early access, up to twenty jumbo premium gold pack, a Neymar loan card and Champions league player pick.

The biggest version of the game is the Ultimate Edition which was include all of the above, but players will receive up to forty jumbo premium gold packs.



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