Who voted for Israel? Televoters to thank for Eurovision win

Israel‘s Netta Barzilai pulled off her win on Saturday night at the Eurovision contest with ease, sailing into first place 93 points ahead of the second place contestant. Barzilai finished the night with 529 points overall, followed by Cyprus and then Austria, Germany and Italy.

But just who helped hand Israel the win in Lisbon, Portugal? The points are comprised of two different parts: juries from each country, and televoters from around the world.

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After the jury votes – which come from a team of judges in each country – Israel was ranked in just third place overall. Just five countries – France, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic and San Marino – awarded Israel 12 points, the highest possible. By comparison nine countries – including Israel – gave 12 points to Austria.

But the voters – men, women and children across the 43 participating countries – picked Barzilai as the winner by a longshot. When the televotes were counted up, Israel received another 317 points, compared to 253 given to Cyprus and 249 given to Italy.

The televoters of eight countries awarded Israel their 12 points: Australia, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Moldova, San Marino, Spain and Ukraine.

And who did Israelis vote for? While the jury of experts gave its 12 points to Austria, the voters in the country picked Czech Republic as their first choice, followed by Moldova.